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E-Mail Address Issues
Friday, June 29th 2001

Well, as it turns out, my email address will be staying the same. My dad, for various reasons, decided to renew our account with IO (Illuminati Online), so my email addy will remain "". Personally, I'm glad -- I like my email address the way it is.

Not Much Ado About: Site Maintenance
Friday, June 29th 2001

Alright. So, on April 8th, I took everything off my site and declared that I would re-do everything. Now, it's June, and I'm not even done with redoing my rant page. Why not? I had, like, two months to at least get started. It's not like I don't *want* to update, really. That has nothing to do with it at all. My problem is this -- I have a job. When I'm not working, I'm skating or catching up on sleep or attempting to write.

Obviously, I don't exactly have a lot of time to work on my site, or not nearly as much as I'd like. So, updates are going to be limited to two or three things a month, or even bi-monthly, at least.

On a site note, I really appreciate it when people email me and point out errors, like broken links or something. Robert J. Gutheim (25th Brigade Fanfics) was kind enough to point out my forgetting to re-upload the links page last time I updated, and I'm glad he did -- I probably wouldn't have seen it for a while if he hadn't. So, if you see an error or broken link somewhere, don't hesitate to drop me a line, okay? =^-^=

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