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Disclaimer: Saban owns PRiS. He owns everything affiliated with MMPR in general. This fic, however, is mostly a product of my own imagination. The rest...well, blame it on the fuzzy, feathered winged thing called a muse who does her best to inspire me. *grin*
Author's Note: La-dee-dah...well, what else can I say for a fic that I started nearly two years ago and just fell behind on? *big wince* SO, um, I hope you like it, feedback is highly appreciated, and thanks for reading. Enjoy! =^-^=

Battle Across Time
"The Journey"
by Trelliah


My name is Danae. I am a chronomancer, a sorceress of space and time. Every minute, every second in an event is mine to bend and alter as I see fit.

Only, I don't. (What? It's not like I never do, but I have rules.)

I was not always so powerful. I was once a young woman, a human. Well, what you could call a human. My species had evolved to a point where we resembled Earth humans to an extreme. Why? That's a whole other story...

I was born to a planet in danger, as a member of a race that was in just as much peril.

I'll stop there -- after all, it's not just my story to tell.

Nearly fourty or so years before the birth of Andros and Karone Deilavek, my friends and I fight a battle to save our people from annihilation at the hands of one of many foes.

Others, however, were harder to see and fight than others.


"Danaela!" my mother's voice shouted from behind the door of my room. "Danae, you're going to be late."

I sat up in my bed. Today was the day. This was it! My heart pounded as I leapt up and jumped out of bed. Tossing off my nightgown, I hurried to get dressed. Not that it mattered what I was wearing, really. I just wanted to look good for the occasion -- even if I did change my clothes before things really got started.

Today was an important day. It was the day of the most important space mission in history. I would have a front-row seat on all the action, as I would be there, on one of those ships going into space.

I suppose you're not sure what I'm talking about. Allow me to explain. My homeworld is in danger. Overcrowding, disease control, and refuse management is becoming a problem that's become almost too much for us to handle. Fortunately, a colonization project was already on the drawing board. This way, we could possibly shuttle people from our planet off to the new one and lessen the burden on our world.

Unfortunately, while it's a lovely thought, it'd be taking a lot of time. Time we don't really have.

You see, a few months ago, another species called the Harak-Kajar arrived. We've had offworlders stop by before, but the Harak were different.

As far as we can tell, they're very much into environmentalism. They truly disapprove when a species has wreaked havoc on a planet. While I really hate to admit it, that's a logical reason as to why they don't like us.

So, as our punishment, they want to wipe us out. Annihilate us. Not all in one blow, though. They want us to know what's coming, and they've given us a good idea. As in, they destroyed a mag-lev (magnetic levitation) train and a rather large building, both full of innocent people.

In any case, the colonization project was moved up by two years. Why the rush? I don't know, but maybe the people in charge were just worried by the way the Harak-Kajar's attacks were escalating.

I finished dressing and brushed out my shoulder-length hair. It's auburn, much like my mom's. A lot of people say I look like her, and they're right -- we both have the same pale skin and green eyes. And hair, although mine is shorter.

Heading into the kitchen, I found my mother and father eating breakfast. I sat down and joined in.

"Excited?" my father asked. I paused in eating and looked up. I'm not a slobbish person, you understand, I just tend to eat rather fast.

"Very," I smiled.

"It's an honor to be chosen for this mission. We're both very proud of you." my mother said.

"You said that when I got my notification, and the next day, and they day after that, and that night, my first day of training..."

"We're parents. Being proud of our only child is what we do."

I finished eating (slower than before), hugged and kissed my parents farewell. My stomach twisted slightly. I would be going alone. My parents had not been selected for this mission. If the project worked out, they would be on the second trip.

If the mission worked out.


Stop it, Danae. I ordered myself. You'll see them again. After all, goodbyes aren't forever.

"I'll miss you." I said as I headed out the door.

"We'll see you again." my father called with that reassuring smile of his. I felt a little better.

"I love you!" my mother waved.

"I love you, too!" I waved back, then started jogging towards the mag-lev train stop. And past it. They had all been shut down after the first bombing.

Everything will be fine. You'll get to Kau'roa Launch Station, find your group, do some pre-flight training, and then blast away into space. I thought.

After all, we were putting our lives in the hands of some of the bravest, well-trained soldiers, scientists, and strategists on the face of the planet. From other planets, too, like Eltar. They Eltarians, our allies, were feared by the Harak. They were the only species to have ruined the Harak's current record of destroyed and annihilated races.

Why the Harak ever went after the Eltarians is beyond me. Their planet is a picture of cosmic beauty. Probably some cultural thing, I always figured. That's why the Harak-Kajar had come after us -- to make up for the blemish on their scorecard the Eltarians had made.

I sighed as I walked along. I had plenty of time to think.

Gazing upwards, I noticed it was unusually clear. Blue-green-gray patches of sky shone through the foggy clouds of pollution and atmospheric filth.

Someday, we would gaze up at clouds of the purest whites and skies of the deepest blues. We would see stars that would twinkle and glitter like rare gems from above.

Someday, we would be free of a planet where so many had died because cures to our diseases had been made, but could not be circulated in time to prevent massive fatalities.



I yawned as I listened to Commander Kinwon's lectures about our duty as bodyguards to the colonists. We had only heard it, oh, about every day of training. Which amounts to about three to four months.

I'm sure Jaron, Zareine, Meleine, Maroko, Lautralie, and myself, as well as any of the other crew members we would be in charge of, could all come to him during our flight and ask him to recite the mission speech again if we were having difficulties sleeping.

Speaking of Meileine, she hadn't arrived today. Something was up.

" must remember that..." Kinwon stopped as an officer of the Flight Management and Control (we just refer to it as "Control") walked up and whispered something to him. Kinwon's face went slightly pale.

To be honest, I thought the officer was simply reminding him that he'd done this speech about hundred times already.

Kinwon nodded thoughtfully about whatever they were talking about. The officer walked off, and, to my conplete dismay, the commander went right back to his lecture.

" I was saying. It is of the highest priority to keep this mission's importance in mind...Weapons Technician Krotok, are you paying attention?"

"Huh?" I jerked. Kinwon was staring right at me. I could see Lautralie rolling her eyes our of the corner of my eye. And, just ahead of her, a familiar face smirking. Jaron. Who else would it be?

"Can you repeat what I just said?" the commander asked.

Sure, I thought. Let's just think back to this lecture that has been burned into my brain.

I didn't actually say that, but I came close. Instead, I stood up and began the lecture.

"Yes, sir. Ahem, 'As you all know, today is the day of the launch. Not just any launch, mind you, but the launch that will decide the fate history.'"

I began to walk about the room as Kinwon had done so many times before, and began to do the same little hand and arm movements he had done. A few restrained chuckles and giggles from other crew members popped up throughout the room.

"'As you all should know, almost a thousand people have been selected to be colonists for our future home. And, we have been selected to protect each and every one from our enemies, the Harak-Kaljar.'"

I went on and on, word for word, movement for movement, and footstep for footstep. Jaron was trying not to see humor in it and be all stern and adult as a pilot should be, but the corners of his mouth were twitching. He finally consented to quiet snickering, his face hidden as if he was rubbing his sinuses, which he was not. His head shook a bit and his ear-length blonde and brown hair bobbed as he laughed.

"', because of our duty, it is of the highest priority that we keep this mission's importance in mind...Weapons Technician Krotok! Are you paying attention?' Sir, yes, I am, sir!" I stood at attention and saluted Kinwon.

Well, that was the icing on the cake. Everyone in the room burst out laughing. The sad truth is, it shouldn't have even been funny. However, if you've been under as much stress as we've been for the past couple of months, anything will start seeming funny to you.

I grinned my quirky little grin, did a little bow, and looked up to see Kinwon's face. He was amused, but trying to hide it.

"I can see we've been paying attention." Kinwon said. "You all are dismissed to receive and put on your new flightsuits."

A few cheers went up around the room. A pair of Control officers came in and began issuing out our flightsuits.

"I wish you the best of luck," one of them said, saluting us before leaving.

"So," I moved to stand near Lautralie. "Did you think I could get away with that?"

"Rai'ze, you are the planet's biggest idiot. Of course you could get away with it. You just did."

"I'm flattered." I said.

"Oh, shut up and get dressed so we can get on with the pre-flight systems check."

I laughed. Lautralie and I were in school together. She was so pretty then, with her long blonde hair and brown eyes and perfect figure. Too bad she had this habit of squashing guys who asked her out. I'd have probably been on the list of flattened rejectees, but I liked my height then, and I still do.

I picked up my flightsuit and headed towards the men's dressing room where the astronauts change into their flightsuits or civilian clothes or whatever. On the way there, I passed a pretty red-haired girl with the most dazzling green eyes I'd ever seen.

She was in a civilian colonist's flightsuit, heading towards the Control head office.

I watched her walk away, wondering if she was available. With looks like that, probably not.

Wait a minute. I never introduced myself. Sorry about that. I'm, as you probably already guessed, Rai'ze Krotok. I'm a nice regular height, I have black hair that's at my ears in length and brown eyes. My skin has a brownish tone to it.

"This is a rush, isn't it?" Jaron asked, following me into the locker room.

"We're blasting into space to colonize a planet and save our race. How could it NOT be a rush?" I said, stepping into a stall. I peeled my shirt off and hung it over the stall door. "Have you seen Meileine today?"

"I don't know. Doubt she bailed at the last second."

"Probably got sick or something."

"Yeah, that's true."

I pulled my new pants on and tucked my long-sleeved black shirt in. I tossed on my jacket, made sure I had everything like it was supposed to look.

"So," I asked, stepping out of the stall. "How do I look."

"I don't know. I'm not done yet." Jaron answered.

"Fish in the mud."


I don't really mind being called an idiot. Most of the time, people call me an idiot because I act like a fool or jester. Which is true, of course.

Jaron came out of his stall and looked at me.

"Well?" I asked.

"I'm afraid to answer. Your ego might be more inflated than it can handle, and adding to the pressure might make it explode. Then, of course, massive casualties would follow and, if I survived, I'd probably be stuck doing the paperwork."

"Ha ha ha." I rolled my eyes. Jaron smirked. I knew he was just being himself. He might be serious and all on the job, but he does have a sense of humor (no matter how hard he tries to hide it,) which is more than I can say for some other pilots.

"Come on." I said. We headed back into the corridor. After all, the party couldn't start without us.


I couldn't believe it. Meileine Oro'vo, the Astro Team's main computer technician, had become ill. Too ill to go on the mission as a civilian or as a crew member. Therefore, Control had needed to find a fast replacement. Someone who could easily figure out the systems of a huge ship that would be one of two bodyguards to two colonist ships.

I was the lucky one to take Meileine's place. Needless to say, I was thrilled.

When I had arrived and signed in to make sure they knew I was there, I was sent to the Control office. Once there, I was given notice of the position change.

I gazed out the windows as I walked. I could see the launch stations and, sitting on them for pre-flight evaluations, two giant ships.

One was the Astro Megaship. It was a deep blue and silver, with two cargo bays on it's underside, which it rested on. The Nova Cruiser, the Astro Megaship's sister ship sat beside it.

Something to understand about the ships (and the mission itself) was that these two were made for being bodyguards. The Astro Megaship could defend itself and the other two ships, but the Nova Cruiser...

The Nova Cruiser was made for battle. It was a combat ship -- sleeker, more maneuverable, and more heavily armed than the Astro Megaship. It was a cool grey-blue in color, partly because of the shielding it had.

Next two the guardian ships were the two colonist ships, commonly refered to as C-1 and C-2. They were built differently from the Astro Megaship and the Nova Cruiser. They were a bit smaller, their color a silverish-blue. They were shaped more like our early shuttles, just bigger, like a mag-lev train car (much shorter, of course.)

I smiled a bit to myself as I walked along. I was honored to have been selected as a member of the Megaship's crew. Also, I was a little nervous -- after all, I had only been selected because one of the original crew members was ill. Too ill to fly on a ship and not be a health risk to the other crewmembers. There would be no time to replace a whole sick crew. As I walked down the hallway to the room where I was to introduce myself to Commander Kinwon and the other crewmembers, I began to wonder about certain things. Would they like me? How would I fit in?

I know it sounds a bit childish, like a little girl at her first day of school, but really, I was nervous.

I reached the committee room where I was to meet my fellow crew members and our commander. the door was open and I could see six or so people my own age standing there, and one older man. He had light brown hair that seemed to be thinning slightly. I knocked lightly on the doorframe.

"Yes?" the man turned to me.

"I'm looking for Commander Kinwon?" I said, rechecking my notice in case I'd gotten the name wrong.

"That would be me."


"Come in, you must be Danaela." Kinwon said, motioning for me to enter.

"Wait a minute."

One of the other crew members looked me over. Apparently, he seemed disturbed by my sudden appearance.

"Who's this? And where's Meileine?" he asked.

He was about four inches taller than me, with dark hair striped with blonde and a slightly pale complexion. He was wearing a Megaship uniform tailored in red. His hazel green eyes glittered at me with mild contempt, as if he already knew why I was there.

"Sadly, Meileine has become ill. Danae was the best replacement Control could find. Don't worry, Jaron. She's more than qualified for this mission." Kinwon answered tolerantly. I blushed a tiny bit.

"How bad off is Meileine? We might be able to deal with it." Jaron replied, keeping his gaze on me out of the corner of his eye. I ignored him.

"Jaron, don't be rude." someone else said. He was about the same height as Jaron, maybe an inch shorter, with black hair and deep brown eyes.

"By the way, I don't think you've met everyone," he added. "I'm Rai'ze Krotok, Weapons Tech."

"Jaron Deilavek, the Astro Megaship's pilot." Jaron said, still giving me a cold look.

"Maroko Levirell, the Nova Cruiser's pilot."

I turned to see Maroko standing there. He was clean-cut, to say the least, with short brown hair and blue eyes like I'd never seen before. He had a pale complexion, maybe a bit darker than mine. For some reason, I got a chill. Something about him wasn't right. I couldn't put my finger on it, and yet...

"Lautralie Merendeva," the girl behind him said, interrupting my thoughts. She was blonde, with brown eyes. She was also taller than me, just about even with Jaron.

Both she and Maroko were in their Cruiser flightsuits, both based in black rather than silver. However, Lautralie's was different from mine or any others. She wore overalls, laced in the front and a light, long-sleeved pink shirt. She had a jacket like ours, but it was sitting on a desk.

"I'm Nova's flight mechanic." she said, smiling.

"I'm Zareine Krotok, I'm the chief of medical staff onboard the Astro Megaship." said the girl in the yellow flightsuit. She had long black hair, which was pulled into a bun.

"Nice to meet you." I replied. "All of you."

"I wish." Jaron muttered.


Unreal. I couldn't believe this. The day of a massively critical launch, Meileine had been replaced by this Danae woman, whom none of us knew. This could not be happening. I was used to Meileine. I knew her. I trusted her. I had trained with her. Now I was stuck with...

Oh, nevermind.

We went aboard the Astro Megaship to do pre-launch system checks. Maroko and Lautralie went to the Nova Cruiser to do the same. While my companions and Danae were inspecting their consoles, I pulled Commander Kinwon aside.

"Are you sure about her?" I asked.

"I've seen her studies and her work. If you don't pressure her, she'll do her job as well as anyone can."

I sighed and watched her. I was almost sorry for being as rude as I'd been.


"Commander Kinwon? All systems are go for launch. Right on schedule." Danae announced.

"Very well, then." Kinwon nodded his approval. "Alert Launch Control and Nova that we're good to go."

"Yes, sir." she said.

"Sir," I said, turning back to Kinwon. "There are plenty of officers below rank who could fill Meileine's position."

"Jaron, what is it about her that annoys you to the point of questioning the decisions of your commanding officers?" Kinwon narrowed his eyes at me slightly. "If it's due to the close launch time, I understand. Just be patient with her. That's all you can do."

"Understood." I said, watching the commander walk away. As soon as he was out the door, I returned my attention to Danae. She glanced up at me and motioned for me to join her. I accepted and moved to stand beside her.

"I hope there won't be a problem." she said, gazing at me with those green eyes.

"Oh, uh, no. I, um -- I'm just nervous." I answered.

"That's understandable."

"Astro Megaship, Control. This is Nova. We're go for launch."

"Nova, we acknowledge that. Astro Megaship?"

"We are go, Control." I said.

"Astro Megaship, we acknowledge. Prepare for launch in two minutes."

Here it was. The moment I'd been geared for was upon us. The launch of the most important mission in our history was about to go down.

What if the Harak-Kajar pulled some last minute stunt? What if something went wrong on the launch pad? What if...

What if. It was all "what-ifs".

If we succeeded, we'd be heroes.

If we failed...

"Are you okay?"

I opened my eyes. Danae had a rather concerned look on her face.

"Fine." I answered. I was lying. My stomach felt like it had just been wrung out like a wet cloth. I shut my eyes again and tried to concentrate on my training.

"Everything will work out fine." Danae said softly. I felt her hand on my shoulder.

"How do you know. This entire mission could be rigged and we wouldn't know it until it's too late." I asked in a low voice.

Danae didn't answer. She removed her hand and gave me a strange little look.

"Trust me." she said. There was a confidence, a strength in her voice. As if she knew, somehow, that it'd go alright. I don't know why, but I felt a little better.

It's silly, isn't it? I guess even me, the pilot of the Astro Megaship, needed to hear someone else's reassurance. I needed to borrow some of her strength.

Perhaps working with Danae wouldn't be so bad after all.


"Nova, Astro? Prepare for launch. Countdown in twenty seconds."

I sat down in my chair next to Maroko's. He smiled at me.

"Nervous, Lautralie?"

"Yes." I said. I wasn't going to say that I wasn't. If you're on a ship the size of the Nova Cruiser, and you're preparing for a massive launch, you're allowed to be "nervous". Which I was. And excited. And scared. And jumpy.

"Funny, I thought you didn't get nervous."

"And I thought you knew when to shut your mouth." I snapped. I was also a little sore. I was glad Rai'ze wasn't here. He'd be eating this up.

I focused on the launch procedure. The Megaship would launch first, then after four seconds, would be followed by two colonist ships, spaced by about a second, which would be followed by the Nova Cruiser, yet four seconds later.

Ten seconds can be a long time.

"Attention, all crew members. We are at ten seconds to the beginning of the liftoff. Beginning countdown now. Ten...nine...eight..."

"Here we go." I muttered.


"If you'd like to scream at any point, feel free to do so." Maroko said. Maroko likes to aggravate me, I don't know why. He's annoyed me from the start. I'd rather be on the Astro Megaship with Rai'ze. Sure, some of his jokes aren't especially funny. At least he knows when to shut up...most of the time.

"Shut up."

" Astro Megaship, you are go for launch."

A rumbling sound occured, then, on the main viewing screen, we watched as the Megaship's boosters kicked in. The ship took off with textbook perfection.

"Colonist ships 1 and 2, you are cleared. You are go."

The two colonist ships' boosters glowed and they took off, one after the other. Perfect as could be.

"Nova Cruiser, you are go for launch."

"Hang on tight." Maroko said. He leaned the controls back and the ship's thrusters kicked into action.

You know, when they were describing the feeling of the launch, they never mentioned a huge jerk or two. Oh, and on a ship THAT big, a jerk like that makes you feel like the whole ground's coming apart. Not exactly soothing on stomachs tense with pre-flight jitters.

I shoved my blonde hair off my shoulder and glanced at Maroko. He was concentrating on keeping the ship level. Just about then, the onboard computer took over. The flight out of atmosphere was smooth. The crew, Maroko, and I waited in silence for a few moments, then -- as soon as the black void of space came into view on the main screen -- began cheering.

"Good luck, have a safe flight, and many more years, brave leaders. Control out."

I smiled and closed my eyes. We had made it. The Harak hadn't tampered with the flight procedure and we were on our way to our new home. I leaned back in my chair a bit and pictured it in my mind. Green grass, trees, blue skies...things the people of our homeworld could only dream of, let alone sing of in songs and stories.


"Hmm?" I opened my eyes. Maroko was watching me.

"What are you thinking about?" he asked.

"What it'll be like when we get there. I mean, we'll be free. We'll have a clean slate to start from." I said. He smiled, but it looked a bit forced. I thought he was being pessimistic about the Harak. I didn't think much of it -- those terrorists had killed several hundred people with the intent of killing several billion more. Why shouldn't he be?

I hadn't know Maroko that long outside of training for this mission, but I figured that he was a decent person. Sometimes shy or quiet, but okay. As I'd always thought, it's only the jerks of the world that make everyone seem like that, when really, most people are pretty nice.

Maroko was like that.

Sort of.


I watched her out of the corner of my eye. She worked, quietly, not really celebrating the launch with the rest of hte crew. Maybe Danae was a Harak-Kajar spy. Maybe she was a spy, but her plans to destroy the mission failed...

Shut up, Zareine. I scolded myself for thinking about that. Sure, Meileine and I were somewhat close, and not having her on this mission or never seeing her again at all hurt. Instead of Meileine, there was this girl who no one knew who was taking her place.

"You're thinking about something. Tell me what's going through that evil mind of yours."

I looked over at Rai'ze, who stood beside me.

"Danae." I said, giving him a small, friendly shove.

"Ahh...makes sense." Rai'ze nodded. He leaned against a console.

"She's really nice looking." he added.

"You say that about all women." I answered. According to Lautralie, he'll voluntarily be a bachelor for life, just so he can be more available to women. I think she may be right.

"No, I don't." Rai'ze said.

"Yes, you do."

"Do not."

"Do too."

"Rai'ze?" Danae called. Rai'ze had this almost ridiculous grin of happiness on his face. Like he'd asked her to marry him and she'd said "yes."

"Yes, Danae?" he asked, sauntering over to her station (which was behind and away from mine.)

"Do these power readings forthe laser cannons look right? I thought they looked strange, but I can't be sure." she said. I snickered quietly.

"Oh, um, they look fine to me." my brother said, hiding what must have been a defeated look.

"Thanks." Danae nodded. Rai'ze headed back to sit beside me.

"Well, well, well..." I smirked.

"Oh, hush." he said. "There's nothing wrong with wishful thinking."

"That's what all unattached boys who can't keep a girlfriend for two months say."

Rai'ze just muttered something vaguely obscene about me under his breath, but I knew he didn't mean it.

I glanced over at Jaron. He was standing next to Danae, quietly performing his duty as lead pilot by checking all systems, but I could see he was also sneaking unreadable looks in her direction.

Go figure.


I have never been good with women. I stammer, I blush, I sound like an idiot.

Somedays, I wish I was Rai'ze. Sure, he's not quite what one would call a "long-term" person, but at least he can talk to a woman without fretting over silly things or stammering like a fool.

It was three hours after the launch, and everyone was pretty exhausted. That's what happens when you get all excited and on edge for a relatively long period of time. Since there was nothing of major importance to be done until it came time for the HyperRush jump to bring us closer to our destination, most of us had been relieved by our subordinates to relax or sleep. Danae had gone to take a nap in the quarters she shared with Zareine, according to DECA, the onboard computer.

Not for the first time, I was glad DECA didn't have the wiring to be as inquisitive as some of the other crewmembers.

So, there I was. Standing outside of Danae's room, preparing to ask her if she'd like to join us for dinner in the Recreation Room. I guess, in a way, I wanted to apologize to her for being, well, rude earlier.

Taking a deep breath, I keyed the door open and stepped in a bit.

"Um, Danae?"

She was sitting on her bed, as if she was waiting for something.

Did DECA tell her I was coming? Did she know? I wondered.

She glanced up at me. Almost immediately, I felt my heart threatening to hammer it's way through my chest cavity. My gaze fell to the floor.

"Yes?" she asked.

"Um...I...I wanted to apologize..." I said, barely making eye contact. I could feel the tips of my ears turning pink.

"Apologize?" Danae trailed off.

"For the way I acted before." I clarified. What, had she forgotten?

"Oh, that's right. Well, I accept your apology. I understand, anyway."

A sheepish look crossed my face. Apparently, she hadn't forgotten. " you like to come have dinner with me? Not just me, of course. Rai'ze and Zareine would be there and maybe Commander Kinwon. I'm not trying to ask you to have dinner with me alone, like I'd be asking you on a date...not that I wouldn't like to go on a date with you..."

You are the master of talking to women, you know that. That was beautiful. She must think you're a reaaal blazin' genious, Jaron. I thought to myself as I stopped and put a hand over my eyes. Rubbing the bridge of my nose, I took a deep breath.

A tiny giggle convinced me to look at her. Rather than out-and-out laughing, she was smiling patiently.

"Let me try again," I sighed. "I was just wondering if you were hungry and would like to join us for dinner."

She stood and opened her mouth to speak, then frowned. Almost immediately, she moved forward to the door, grabbed the doorjamb, and...


The whole ship shook! I felt myself grabbing for a hand-hold. I grabbed the doorjamb opposite of Danae and held on. After a moment, the quaking of the ship stopped, but I had a hard time standing.

"It's them," Danae said softly. "They followed us."

<Warning. Harak-Kajar fighters detected, weapons recharging. Time to full recharge, 30 seconds.> DECA announced.

The Harak-Kajar. They'd followed us into space.

"Come on!" I grabbed her hand and dragged her into the hall. We began running towards the Bridge.

As we ran, it flashed through my mind that Danae had braced herself seconds before the attack. I looked at her out of the corner of my eye.

How did you know? I asked silently.

<Twenty-five seconds and counting until Harak-Kajar weapons are fully recharged.>

To Be Continued...